Panguitch Lake CabinsBlue Springs Lodge has been providing visitors to Panguitch Lake an exceptional place to stay for the last 15 years. These cabins are open to visitors all year, so whether you like the summer heat or the crisp winter, the Blue Springs Lodge is the place for you.

The property contains 6 cabins. Each cabin has a loft and is fully furnished, including a kitchenette. You can rent out TV’s from the main office.

On the property there is a picnic area that contains a BBQ pit. Public pay phones are located just a short distance away.

Click on the photos for a larger, wide angle, sample view (160 degrees) of the main cabin interior.

Panguitch Lake Motel Style CabinsRates
Blue Springs Lodge rates are the best price for the quality that you will receive while visiting Panguitch Lake. Our rates start at $95.00 per couple per night using the bottom floor of the cabin only. The rate will increase 
$20.00/person each night.

2 —  $95.00
3 – $115.00
4 – $135.00
5 – $155.00
6 – $175.00
7 – $195.00
8 – $215.00

We allow a maximum of 6 adults and two children per cabin. All of our prices will have an addition tax of 11.2% added after the prices shown above.

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